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Trinity Care Homes, LLC has steps in place prior to and after admission to ensure safety and maintain infection control for both residents and staff. With implementing proper hand washing, wearing a face covering, and continuous sanitation together we can keep our home COVID-19 free. 


Trinity Care Homes, LLC : Resident Care is Our #1 Priority!

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Where Three Hearts Become ONE!



Katie Moreno

My grandma spent her last few months at Trinity Care Homes in Katy, and it was the best experience I could have asked for. She was in a few facilities prior to coming to Trinity and it was very disheartening to see how she was treated by the staff of nurses and caregivers.


When she moved into Trinity it was such a breath of fresh air and answered prayer all in one. We were able to attend a Christmas lunch (with masks and lots of hand hygiene), and seeing how the sweet staff interacted with her just warmed my heart!! They treated her like actual family, even posing for pictures with her and their own kids. They encourage her with Bible verses, remind her that she’s loved, and offer care and companionship unlike anything I’ve ever seen.


Other places simply feed, bathe, and administer medication... she was left to sit in bed all day and became very sad and lonely. But here - she is a resident. This is her HOME. It’s made a world of difference and I’m so glad she was there to spend her last days, under their care. They were such a blessing to our family. I am so impressed and highly recommend you consider this home for the care of your elderly family member.




Our Philosophy

Trinity Care Homes, LLC (TCH)  and our team members are committed to meeting the physical, psychological, social, spiritual, and environmental needs of each of our patients.  Our goal is to enable each patient to achieve and maintain the highest quality of life possible.  It is our belief that all lives we touch will be treated with honor, dignity, respect, and compassion consistent with our mission and values.  This treatment is not only given to the patients, but also includes families, employees, physicians, volunteers, and any others involved in the care of our patients.

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